Add the Locally Created Data-Tier Application to a GitHub Repository, Created with Only ReadMe File, Without UsingVisual Studio

  • ProvideOindrila-DAC-Repo” in the Textbox for “Repository name”.
  • ProvideThis repository contains the Data-Tier Application for the Azure SQL Server Database ‘sqldboindrila2022march’” in the Textbox for “Description”.
  • Select the Radio buttonPrivate” to make this “Repository” a “Privateone, so that not everyone can access this “Repository”.
  • Select the CheckboxAdd a README file”.
    Selecting the Checkbox will create the “Repositorywith a blankText File”, where it is possible to write long description about the “Projectonce the “Repository” is created.
  • When the “Repository” will be created, it will be created withmainas the “Default Branch”.



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Oindrila Chakraborty

Oindrila Chakraborty

I have 9. 6+ experience in IT industry. I love to learn about the data and work with data. I am happy to share my knowledge with all. Hope this will be of help.