Create Your First Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Instance Using Azure Portal

Oindrila Chakraborty
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  1. Azure Subscription

Creating First Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 Instance

Step 1 - Open the Azure portal (

Step 2 - As Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 is built on top of Azure Blob Storage, there is no separate Azure Service for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, unlike Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1.

To create Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, an Azure Storage Account is created and then the setting for “Hierarchical Namespace” is enabled. This process will convert the normal Azure Storage Account into Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 Account.

Step 2.1 - To Create an Azure Data Lake Gen2 Instance, first click on the “Create a resourceicon from the Azure services.

Step 2.2 - Typestorage account” and select the only option Storage account”.

Step 2.3 - Now, click on the “Createbutton.

Step 2.4 - Provide the following information in the “Basicstab of the “Create a storage accountpage -

“Project Details” Section -

  • Subscription - Select the properSubscription” to use from the Dropdown.
  • Resource Group - SelectRG-Storage” from the Dropdown of “Resource Group”.

“Instance Details” Section -

  • Storage account name - Typeadlsoindrila2022march” in the Textbox for “Storage account name”.
  • Region - Select(Asia Pacific) Central India” from the Dropdown of “Region”.
  • Performance - Select the Radiobutton OptionStandard: Recommended for most scenarios (general-purpose v2 account)”.
  • Redundancy - Select the Default Selected OptionGeo-redundant storage (GRS)” in the Dropdown.
    Make sure that the Checkbox, just below the Dropdown of “Redundancy” is “Selected”.

Step 2.5 - Go to the “Advancedtab, scroll down to the “Data Lake Storage Gen2section, and, select the RadiobuttonEnable hierarchical namespace”.

Step 2.6 - Finally, click on the “Review + createbutton.

Step 2.7 - Once, the messageValidation passed” is displayed, click on the “Createbutton.

The Azure Storage Account Instance will start to deploy now.

Step 2.8 - Once the Deployment is completed, click on the “Go to resourcebutton. If this button is disabled, click on the “Refreshlink. The “Go to resourcebutton will be enabled.

Step 2.9 - The just created Azure Storage Account adlsoindrila2022marchsettings page is opened.



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